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Some of the things I've learned every day since Oct 10, 2016


About me:

I’m Zach. I’m an undergrad at UC Berkeley, studying math and computer science. Professionally speaking, I’m an aspiring mathematician and software engineer.

Some of my general interests include intelligence, information, and learning. At the intersection of these, I’m interested in the design of intelligence capable of doing creative mathematics.

If you’d like to chat about anything, feel free to email me at

About this project:

This project is inspired by Everyday projects like those done by Beeple and other artists, where the general idea is to create something new from scratch every day.

Although math is a creative activity much like art, setting a daily goal of creating something in math, along with a definite measure of whether that goal has been met on a given day, is tricky. You can always draw a sketch or record a song given a few minutes, even if the result isn’t very good, but ‘creating’ new math isn’t something you can always guarantee given a time limit.

In light of this, the daily goal I decided on for this project is:

1) I will learn something new every day. It doesn’t have to be particularly involved or earth-shattering, just anything I didn’t know the day prior. It could be anything from the definition of a term I just learned to a new proof of some theorem.

2) I will write a short post on this thing, hopefully ensuring that I actually understand the concept(s) involved, and I’ll post it on the internet (here).

This obviously differs significantly from many other Everyday-style projects, in that I’m arguably not creating anything. However, I don’t see creating as being the real purpose of Everdays in my case. For me it’s about learning, maintaining momentum, and getting just a little bit better at what I do every day.

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